Cookies are small text files that are kept in web browsers and that may store information about these browsers and their use and behaviour in the user's Web Site and/or devices. For the purposes of this policy, this type of technology and other equal or similar technology (pixel labels, statistical identifiers, etc.) and that allows for storing, receiving and recuperating information in later visits is known as "cookies".

In addition to the cookies that are strictly necessary for web browsing, such as session cookies, this web site uses analytics, publicity and behavioural cookies for the management of publicity spaces according to the user's specific profile.

Cookies may be internal or belong to third parties and allow for storing information. Exercising any right relating to third-party cookies may be done by communicating directly with those responsible for this web site, pursuant to the information provided in its Privacy Policies. ZERTEM is to be held harmless about the content and veracity of the privacy policies of third parties included in this cookies policy. We will now detail the third-party services that may be used for managing these cookies.

Google Analytics – measuring and analysing web site visits. The data obtained will be treated in accordance with the Privacy Policy. To disable monitoring by Google analytics -> Please install the following tool

DoubleClick - improvement and management of exposure to advertisements. The data obtained will be treated in accordance with the Privacy Policy

Social media cookies services, used exclusively to facilitate access to services and whose data is treated in accordance with the corresponding privacy policies: Facebook, Twitter and Google +

Cookies will not be installed in your computer until you accept their use in the Pop Up that will be shown during the USER's first visit to the Web Site. Upon acceptance, the USER consents to the use of cookies and IP address monitoring files, whose usage allows ZERTEM to gather data for statistical purposes, including:

Device and resolution, operating system, browser, IP address (encrypted), URL and pages visited, country, date and time of access, visit duration and language.

User preferences, information about interaction with the web site (service requested, date and time), type of browser and language, geographical location.

Information about preferences or interests in products and/or services gathered whilst browsing.

The USER may, at all times, prevent the installation of the cookies or delete those already installed, through the settings in their browser, as well as through the use of specific applications. Nevertheless, ZERTEM is not to be held accountable for the fact that their deactivation might hinder the correct functioning of the page.

Please find below the instructions for configuring cookies in the main browsers:

Chrome: Settings -> Display Advanced Settings -> Privacy -> Content settings. For more information, you may consult with Google's support or the browser's Help.

Firefox: Tools -> Options -> Privacy -> History -> Customised Settings. For more information, you may consult with Mozilla's support or the browser's Help.

Internet Explorer: Tools -> Internet Options -> Privacy -> Settings. For more information, you may consult with Microsoft's support or the browser's Help.

Safari: Preferences -> Safety. For more information, you may consult with Apple's support or the browser's Help.